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We understand how important clean, natural, safe living is to you, your business and your family. We are committed to delivering products that promote easier, more productive organic lifestyles. The Smart Organics line is perfect for private and commercial use. We proudly serve a wide variety of customers, including dairy farmers, meat processing plants, produce markets, packing houses and farms, as well as families all over the country. And the list continues to grow.

Smart Organics currently offers Harvest Clean and Smart Clean Plus. They are used as cleaners in food plants, machines, conveyor belts, etc.  And they have been specifically designed as alternatives to cleaning products.

We are CFR 21 172.320A recognized by FDA.

Harvest Clean can be sprayed or directly added onto equipment and surrounding surfaces with natural resistance. It cleans the surface, and while having special antioxidants, keeps it from returning. It is to be a post-harvest wash or spray, to keep surfaces free of contamination.

Perfect Produce

This product is certified to be used pre-harvest. Used as a foliar spray on crops in the field as a processing aid, to keep plants healthy, keeping them supple so as not to wilt or dry out. It will not harm the soil or minerals, helping the plant to take nutrients up systemically as they need. We adapt as a growth enhancer for less blossom drop, witch in turn produces more fruit on the vine. We should be sprayed on the crop 2 days before post-harvest and transport to keep the crop naturally resistant.

We are passionate about quality and safety —of the food we eat and how it’s produced, the animals we rely on for resources, the businesses we run and our homes. It gives us great pleasure to provide highly effective solutions that are livestock/human friendly and extremely accessible to all.

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Look what our customers are saying…

Mike Landsfeld, President
Waco Beef and Pork Processors, LLC.

“We have used Smart Clean Plus for two years in this room and to date have not had a positive Listeria result on swabbed surfaces.”

Dennie Harter, HACCP Coordinator, JK Patty Meat Co.

“Our facility uses Smart Clean Plus to soak cutting boards in an over the weekend application  to control pathogens. At J.K. Paty Meat Company we pack raw beef, pork, turkey and chicken filets. By soaking the cutting boards, the pathogen loads are controlled because the Smart Clean Plus has a long term residual value. Additionally, we clean the meat injector with Smart because it does not harm gaskets while sanitizing. We have used Smart Clean Plus for two years.”